I’m still curious as to who that anon was :o




"Innocent animals"

Are there guilty animals

I wonder if birds sell cocaine

Some are quack dealers

I need a moment that was the most perfect pun I’ve ever seen I love you


I like shipping the cheerful one with the grumpy one

Going to be away

Heyheyhey, so I’m going on a family trip for a week starting tomorrow and running until the 12th. In that time I won’t be posting as much since I’m not bringing my laptop and I’ll be posting from my phone for the most part. So don’t think I’m dead, haha I’m just going to be visiting family a lot and relaxing by the pool. I’m lame and don’t really know how to use queue so whateva. I’ll post lots when I’m back, stay hella tumblr.

Tumblr users’ Zodiac


Aries- gay
Taurus- gay dork
Gemini- fucking gay ass nerd
Cancer- so fucking gay
Leo- gay but also animals?
Virgo- gay but still a virgin lmao
Libra- gay but thinks they’re cool
Scorpio- gay and actually is cool
Sagittarius- superiority complex and gay as fuck
Capricorn- gay and also batshit insane
Aquarius- sometimes straight (what a fucking tool)
Pisces- if gay were a person…


“To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest
punishment we can bring on ourselves.”
- Federico García Lorca  (via corvidae-and-crossroads)
Anonymous asked:

I still disagree, you're more attractive. Sunny? Who's that?

Awe, I guess we have to agree to disagree. :)

Oh I thought I was talking to one of my friends who usually sends me sweet anons. I would love to know who I am speaking to though. ^^ You seem like a wonderful person.

Anonymous asked:

I object! You would be the hot one, dear!

I’m sorry I don’t think so. xD 

Who is this sweet anon? >_><_< Is this Sunny?

Anonymous asked:

n-n-n-n-no if i dated you, you'd be the hot one by far

w-what?? Um no, I’m certain you would be the hot one <3